Medical Care Of Monks and Nuns

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Medical Care

Everybody gets sick some time. Living in a country such as Nepal increases the risk of dying from infectious diseases such as TB, Hep C. During monsoon, diarrhea, typhus, cholera, meningitis are common place. Quite often the children that come from high altitude villages have no immunity to infections, and will suffer from skin problems, boils, and fungal attacks. Vaccination rate for even the most common diseases is low.
Kopan has a small clinic with a nurse, a part time doctor and three monk assistants to look after its monks and nuns. The clinic runs regular vaccination programs, health check ups, dental treatment. It gives first aid, and supervise long term treatments.
The cost of wages, medicine, vitamins, dressings is forever increasing. Additionally there are hospital bills to pay for those cases that can't be treated at the monastery clinic. The monthly medical bills now are around 2.60 per person, a total of 1800 US$.

Your help is appreciated to cover these cost.
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